The Social Media Storm: A Look at Social Media’s Influence

By: Doug Bingel


“Cash me outside, how bout dat” is a phrase so popular recently that if you haven’t heard it or at least know where it originated, chances are you’re an actual grandma or just a shut in. Danielle Bregoli, the 13-year-old who is also known as “bhadbhabie” on Instagram and @TheBhadBhabie on Twitter officially brands herself as a public figure. Since her original appearance on the DR. PHIL show in September of 2016, Danielle has shot to stardom within a mere few months, all thanks to Social Media. The obviously troubled teenager flipped her hair, rolled her eyes and raised her voice a few dozen times throughout the interview which gave the live studio audience a good laugh prompting her to utter the now tremendously famous catch phrase and meme magnet, “Cash me outside, how bout dat” in an attempt to start a fight.

Since that original interview appearance that day in fall of last year, Danielle has been on a steady increase of popularity and fame all thanks to her outspoken, sometimes unbelievable persona and actions she puts forth.

Promoting herself via Twitter and Instagram after the original meme went viral, she has radio shows, talk shows, and production companies lining up at her door trying to bank on her fifteen minutes of fame. Like so many other internet famous individuals, one of the biggest things on her mind was profit.


Danielle turned her Instagram into a commercial for a merchandise line she was producing. That is not the only thing the teenager will do to stay relevant. Feuds, fights and arguments seem to follow Danielle. She has been quick to respond when Charlemagne The God (@cthagod on Instagram), a radio host and television personality posted a screenshot of a text conversation between him and his production team asking him whether he would be interested in having Bregoli as a guest, to which he responded: “Absolutely not”.

Danielle caught wind of this and immediately took to social media to publicly bash him. Bregoli, although young and obviously naive to what she is doing, is banking on her fifteen minutes just as much if not more. Radio stations such as Power 106 has had her as a guest where she runs her mouth some more and disses actual celebrities. Dr. Phil had her back on his show, where she continued to claim that “she made him” and that without her, his show would be nothing. Rumor even has it that a production company is shopping around ideas to have her featured on a reality or scripted series. All in all, if it were not for the influence of social media and the viral factor it has to offer teenager, Danielle Bregoli would still be living her life as a hard to handle rebellious teen instead of banking on the multiple opportunities Social Media has to offer.

peace &blessings



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