Centenary University’s 2017 Annual Spring Fashion Show

By Steven Underwood

Attending Centenary University’s Spring Fashion Show is as celebrated a tradition as the annual Prez Picnic and Graduation ceremonies that follow it within the course of a week. I attend those, as well; however, I don’t get paid to attend these two events, and therefore, the Spring Fashion show holds a special place in my heart.

Much like the Senior Art expositions in the Ferry building, it is designed to showcase the development of Centenary’s students throughout all four years of their attendance. Though a notably small graduating class, the Seniors of 2017 channeled their passion into stitch and hem for the one night they’ve patiently waited their turn for; and after watching their seniors live in glory, they finally walked the Cyclone Runway for their first and last times as Fashion Design majors.

Throughout the night, fashion aficionados and adoring fans of Centenary Senior Fashion students a-like were treated to several segments of note including: a time capsule of era-based fashion for the last 150 years in honor of Centenary University’s 150 Year Milestone; A walk sponsoring the charity organization, Becca’s Closet, featuring actual dresses in their donation closet for a lucky lady to wear on a night of need; and, of course, the Senior Fashion Showcase.

Here are a few special events of the night for our talented Fashion Design graduating seniors:

SENIOR MODEL: Katherine Abreu


Katherine Abreu, Senior, unfurled a sultry, divine stroll down the cat walk for Adonna Guaimano.

BEST IN SHOW: Street Serenade by  Gianna Ross


Gianna Ross took the gold for the Class of 2017 with her Tupac-inspired Street Serenade, an ode to friendship, the Streets and hip-hop along with her Alpha Theta Psi sorority sisters.

MILESTONE SHOW: 150 Years of Centenary

Following the milestone celebration of 150 years of existing (and two whole fires), Centenary College honored the stage by showcasing a capstone of fashion throughout the ages showcasing models and model students like Lead Residential Assistant, Gerard Christie (LefT) and assorted other vibrant women like Lead Residential Assistant — and graduating senior — Lori Mcsherry (Right).

DYNAMIC DUOS: Models Makenson Joseph and Anaya Monet

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Duality at its finest: Makenson Joseph and Anaya Monet met their matches on the runway as the only boy-girl duo to walk during the Milestone presentation, representing four eras between the two of them.

DANG GIRL!: Models Nadeidre Powell and Aysha Hackett

Stunning beauties, Nadeidre Powell (Left) and Aysha Hackett (Right) show off a mixture of intelligence and sex appeal in their first strolls down the red carpet for BECCA’S CLOSET, a charity providing dresses for the woman without.

Excellent Job everyone! We look forward to another terrific display next year.

Photography by: Rob Hom, Toshi Takano, and Junghyun “Alice” Lee.


Centenary University is proud to be the first university in the tri-state area to offer a Social Media concentration in Business, hosted in #theVIBE, The Social Media Center of Expertise.Our center was designed to reflect high-tech New York startups and create an immersive educational facility.


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