About Vibe Voices

Vibe Voices is not the first distributor of digital media, but it is the first one with this kind of beat. An affiliate of the #VIBETRIBE at Centenary University and #theVIBE, Vibe Voices was created to give students a platform of free expression and professional development because theory is useless without a place of application.

Here, we hope to give a voice  to the digital form that is the young adult of the millenium.


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About #theVIBE: #theVIBE, The Social Media Center of Expertise, was designed to look and feel like a high-tech startup in New York — from the technology to the furnishings. It’s an environment designed, like social media, for knowledge to be shared instantaneously. Centenary is proud to be the first university in the tri-state area to offer a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in Social Media Marketing.